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The Shattered Lens
Out of focus, all the time
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5th-Sep-2015 02:00 am - Project 365 Day #248
Spiff - Saves the day
Piss off Master Yoda do NOT!

Yesterday was "Force Friday", the day when Hasbro and Disney released the first batch of new toys for the Upcoming Star Wars movie. I hit 5 stores and still didn't quite get what I wanted. From what I read online stores mishandled it, didn't order enough of the things people wanted, and the scalpers arrived when places opened and bought up everything before the collectors could get to it. I've already seen the new stuff on eBay and Amazon going for 3-4 times the retail price. I'll wait to find it on a shelf.
4th-Sep-2015 08:00 am - Project 365 Day #247
Calvin - Naptime, calvin - sleep
the door guard

The door guard.
3rd-Sep-2015 04:20 pm - Where is everyone?
calvin - sneer
I post daily, and even though I may not comment much I read my friends-list feed every day. What I have noticed, though, is that the reading list gets shorter and shorter all the time. The other folks who used to post frequently have all pulled back a bit.

I understand that a lot of folks have jumped ship here for Facebook, where the masses send out dumb comments about politics and offend the people who are supposed to be their friends with some really short sighted diatribes. Sure, I'm on Facebook too, and read things there every day, but really I find the format shallow and their "privacy" settings to be a joke. It's also not geared for essays, stories, or posts of any substance.

I've seen what goes on with Twitter, and though I dabbled there briefly, I think it's even shallower than Facebook.

Yes, I'm on Instagram, and I share photos there, but it is after all a photo sharing site, not a blogging platform, or place for any real social interaction.

So. Where is everyone? What's going on out there? Stop in and say hello!
2nd-Sep-2015 06:04 pm - Project 365 Day #245
Calvin - Oh yeah?

I like the shadows on my front walk.
1st-Sep-2015 02:52 pm - Project 365 Day #244
Hobbes - Think

Skye and I went for a walk a bit ago, and that cloud rained on me.
31st-Aug-2015 07:50 pm - Project 365 Day #243
Calvin - Denial
dark morning

My morning drive is getting darker.
29th-Aug-2015 04:48 pm - Project 365 Day #241
Calvin - I don't want to get up
Skye won"t let me wash her blanket.

Skye won't let me wash her blanket.
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